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Article // Gerber News // Wednesday, 28 February, 2018

Growing & Expanding: Gerber Paper Moves Offices

Growing & Expanding: Gerber Paper Moves Offices
A key development during 2017 was our strategic decision to move our offices into a dual – administrative / warehousing environment. This was a challenging project, in that we needed to set up the entire operation from scratch by investing in a new dock leveller, forklifts and our own delivery trucks. We worked closely with our trade partners and developed the perfect operational layout in our warehouse to ensure we could efficiently service the market.

Nicola Inggs, our head office administrative manager, assisted in co-ordinating the project to maintain a smooth transition of all administrative requirements and ensure that our new “home” was aesthetically pleasing to our customers and trade partners. A year down the line, we have not looked back and the Gerber Paper Team is well settled in their new environment.