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Donation ensures littlies are covered

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Article // Gerber News // Friday, 18 June, 2021

Donation ensures littlies are covered

With the support from Gerber Paper, iKhethelo Children's Village was gifted an undercover, open air meeting area.

With the cost of materials and labour covered, the dream to reate an open area space for the children became a reality. Placed in the centre of the village, it has since become a gathering spot for children from the different cottages to spend quality time together.

"It has also become a great outdoor learning environment for home work club and school during this lockdown period. When visitors bring food from time to time, it's also a great place to share food together. We have also used it for staff meetings and braais. It has really transformed our coming together as a village.

It is also remarkably cool under the tin roof, which I thought might be hot in summer but was pleasantly surprised," said the CEO of iKhethelo Children's Village, Graeme Wright.

He said the company went beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference in the lives of the children at the village and the team was grateful for the support.

Since its introduction to iKehtehlo in 2018, the company has sponsored two children, built an undercover play area for the crèche, doanted money, built the recreational area and donated 46 000 disposable face masks for the village and the community of Botha's Hill.

To make a donation to the NPO, visit