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To provide our customers with high quality, first class products, we source our paper for our Sack and Bag Kraft Division from a few very select mills.

For all our bleached sack and bag kraft as well as for our high porous brown sack kraft requirements, we source from the BillerudKorsnäs mills based in Sweden and Finland. Gerber Paper is very proud to be the sole agent of BillerudKorsnäs in South Africa, and we align ourselves with their strong drive on challenging conventional packaging to provide a sustainable future.

For our brown flat kraft and semi extensible sack kraft requirements, we source from a select few mills located in North and South America. These mills have partnered with Gerber Paper on a long term basis to ensure continuity of supply and quality into the market.

Our Sack & Bag Kraft Paper Division offers both brown and bleached kraft across a broad product portfolio, from regular sack kraft to extensible, high porous, wet strength, grease resistant, machine glazed and finished.

We supply the following markets:
Cement | Milling & Sugar Potatoes | Grease Resistant Bags | Fast Food Bags | Specialised Applications

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